What is the use of white quartz? Which destiny?

White quartz is known as the eternal ice sent from heaven to earth, so it has always been appreciated for its miraculous metaphysical abilities. Since then, white quartz has been used to Crafted into jewelry and feng shui items that bring positive energy to the owner.
What is white quartz stone?
White quartz has the scientific name of Clear Quartz or Crystal Quartz, where "Quartz" is derived from the German word for quartz and the Greek word "krystallos" for ice. This rock is composed of silicon and oxygen - an extremely abundant mineral of the Earth”s crust, which can be transparent like ice or contain impurities such as cloud veins and variegated colors.
Human history records that, in the early days people believed in the mystical power of quartz. In particular, the ancient Romans of the upper class knew how to use quartz stone to make Signet rings or hold white quartz balls in their hands to cool off on hot days and show their social status. mine.
In addition, the tribes in Africa, Scots, Native Americans also believe in the existence of white quartz. They often use quartz stone to meditate and enhance psychic powers to eradicate evil spells.
What is the use of white quartz stone?
In terms of health
Among minerals, white quartz is prized for its healing powers, which Westerners once considered white quartz as a master of healing.
Wearing jewelry made from white quartz will help improve memory, because the good energy emitted by white crystals has a frequency that affects the human brain to clear the mind and enhance memory.
White quartz also has the ability to regulate the energy of the 7 chakras on the body and balance energy. Help the wearer become healthy, clear mind.
Support metabolism, relieve stress and fatigue, effectively eliminate toxins. Adjust the functioning of the digestive system, kidneys, bladder, ... as well as skin injuries caused by burns and blisters.
In addition, quartz stone also protects the client against radiation emitted from phones, computers, televisions, radios, microwave ovens, etc. Therefore, you can also place white quartz pillars near the stones. this area to reduce the amount of radiation emitted to protect your body against these harmful agents.
In terms of feng shui
If you have bad luck, often encounter many bad luck, wearing white quartz will help regenerate good vitality, stimulate energy and bring good luck to you.
Placing white quartz in the corners of fortune will help increase prosperity and bring fortune to the owner.
Solving the house survey by placing white quartz stone in a small corner outside the house on symmetrical positions.
Wearing jewelry made from white quartz stone in places with bad energy also helps to protect the best peace for the owner and prevent evil spirits from entering the body.
Which destiny is white quartz stone in feng shui?
According to feng shui five elements, white quartz stone is suitable for people belonging to par Kim and par Thuy. Inside:
Menh Kim is a person who is consistent and serious at work. People of this destiny are often very strict, affecting relationships. Therefore, owning white quartz will help balance emotions and improve social relationships
Menh Thuy is a type of person who has the ability to persuade others but is sensitive, easily falling into a state of stress and anxiety. Using white quartz will help them become more positive thinkers.
Nha San has provided some basic information about white quartz stone jewelry. Hope you will choose for yourself the feng shui items that are right for you, bring a lot of good fortune and positive energy.
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