White quartz stone with any par? The meaning of White Quartz

White quartz has long been known as a rare gem that purifies bad energy, attracts positive energy and ward off evil. White quartz stone brings owners health, intelligence and mental clarity.

White Quartz is one of the quartz variations, it has a natural energy source because it was formed long ago. White quartz brings luck to everyone but most especially it is for those destined for metal and water.

Meaning Of White Quartz

Meaning Of White Quartz

► Uses and Meaning of white quartz.
- A stone of the universe, providing pure and powerful energy.
- White hyacinth helps stimulate the brain, develop thinking.
- Put white quartz stone when meditating to help concentrate, pure mind, ...
- Stimulating the immune system to help treat brain-related diseases such as migraine, dizziness.
- Support the circulatory process to reduce fatigue and stress.
Stone White Quartz Pyramid
Stone White Quartz Pyramid
- White quartz is believed to have an effect of preventing some of the magnetic fields from affecting the body, good for health. It also promotes brain activity and enhances the concentration of the brain.
- When using this white quartz stone bracelet it will help you not to be affected by ultraviolet rays emitted from electronic devices, helping you to get better health.
- Bring lots of luck and peace to the owner.
Gray White Quartz Head
Gray White Quartz Head


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