Why use rose quartz stone? Where to buy rose quartz stone?

Quartz stone is a feng shui item that is used quite commonly today, in the matter of feng shui treatment. Each color has its own meaning and use. Rose quartz is a stone symbolizing love and happiness, it has a gentle, gentle beauty. Because of that, it becomes an inspiration for artisans to create many beautiful and meaningful products associated with human life.

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Trụ Đá Thạch Anh Hồng

Rose Quartz Stone Pillar

1. Characteristics and properties of rose quartz stone
Rose Quartz possesses delicate, gentle and soft pink color. The hues of this quartz variant range from very light pink to deep pink. And usually, the large sized pellets will have a darker pink color, while the smaller ones will give off a light pink color. Among them, the dark colored stones are usually very rare and they carry a rather higher value.
Rose Quartz is born deep underground under pressure and heat. As manganese cools, various elements and minerals are bonded to form crystals. Studies have shown that, in order to obtain the characteristic pink color of the rose quartz variant, it is due to the intrusion of aligned microscopic silicate minerals. These pink mineral essences penetrated to create the characteristic pink color.
Natural quartz stone will have alum cracks, cloud veins, creating a unique beauty for the product.

Quả Cầu Đá Thạch Anh Tự Nhiên Năng Lượng

Energy Natural Quartz Stone Ball

2. Why should you use rose quartz?
Rose quartz is one of the most popular quartz variations, not only because they have a unique and gentle beauty, but also have useful uses and meanings for health and life. person, specifically as follows:
*Uses of rose quartz stone in terms of health and life:
Rose Quartz affects the heart chakra. This chakra evokes compassion, sincere openness, and sensitivity to people and things happening around. Thanks to that, in families that use this stone, the members are always cheerful and happy.
It is most often used for decoration purposes in the bedroom of couples, or decoration in the living room and dining room of the family because this stone has a special energy source that helps to increase and maintain attractiveness. lead, bind relationships, especially between lovers, avoid discord. At the same time, it helps you to relax, reduce fatigue, and help you sleep better. People often carve stones into decorative items such as spheres, pillars, lovebirds, hearts, or happy pictures.

Vòng Tay Đá Thạch Anh Hồng

Rose Quartz Stone Bracelet

* Uses of rose quartz in feng shui:
Rose quartz brings a lot of luck to business if you carry it with you; stimulate imagination, effectively support to come up with ideas and solve problems in the most creative and fastest way.
Many people also tell each other that: placing rose quartz at the place of business or trade will attract money to the owner.
Pink quartz stone is used to handle feng shui minor problems such as: the house is not oriented, the fork crashes directly into the house, near places with high yin like cemeteries, funeral homes. In these cases, feng shui people often recommend using crushed quartz stone to pour the foundation, spread the foundation, or can use rough rose quartz stone placed at a specific location to help solve the above feng shui problems.

Đá Thạch Anh Vụn Hồng Thô Rải Nền Nhà

Rough Rose Quartz Scattered Stone Flooring

Above are the shares of Nha San about the uses of rose quartz stone, hopefully the article will help you better understand this product.
If you have any questions about feng shui natural quartz products, you can contact Nha San for more advice on the product and so that Nha San can assist you in choosing the most suitable product for your needs. let”s me!! Hotline: 0903097626
3. Where to buy natural rose quartz stone?
You want to buy rose quartz stone, but have not chosen a reputable natural quartz supplier. Then Nha San is the address that you should trust to buy. Because Nha San is the place to provide natural feng shui stone products for many interested feng shui masters, Nha San”s products are completely of natural origin, so you can rest assured about the quality. Contact Nha San immediately to own energy products.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article to the end!!! Nha San wishes you always happy and peaceful!!

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Tran Trach Raw Rose Quartz Stone

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