Quartz gold chips rubbed feng shui

Yellow quartz stone, known internationally as Citrine, represents a wealth of wealth. Gold quartz is called a business stone, so it is often kept by restaurant owners, supermarkets and traders right at the cashier and cash register to attract the fortune of expensive sewing business.

Quartz gold chips rubbed feng shui

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  • Original Price:150,000 vnđ
  • Sale Price:110,000 vnđ

♦ Description: Fine-grained quartz stone Gold, high energy, small beads with fingers, very easy to use in decoration and feng shui. Thanks to the wonderful use in life, Yellow Quartz Stone is mixed with other colors to be one of the extremely beautiful and colorful iridescent rocks.

Rock Feng Shui Yellow Quartz

Rock Feng Shui Yellow Quartz

+ Quality stone: Quartz natural rubble
+ Size: from 1cm to 1.5cm
+ Weight: 0.5kg
+ Price: 110k (excluding shipping charges)
Golden Quartz Stone will bring people good fortune and peace in life. Placing Golden Quartz on the desk will increase the ability to concentrate and be close to social life.
Video: Measuring hardness of feng shui stone
♦ When buying or building a home, everyone wants to have a complete home of feng shui, but in reality due to subjective and objective conditions that you rarely get, a house is defective. Feng shui defects often bring more instability and obstacles in life.
♦ To overcome these deficiencies, you can use the five-colored quartz stone to enhance the atmosphere of the house, remove the bad energy sources from the ground, and enhance the air and sand to bring health, good luck in business, work.
♦ This is the most widely used benefit of quartz iridescent. In terms of feng shui, this is considered to be the "town of evil", eliminating the negative gases from under the foundations.
Polished rubble

Polished rubble

♦ Currently, the demand of consumers is increasing so there have been fake establishments selling fake stone made from stone powder, or white limestone, plastic or glass, crystal ... these types There is no energy at all so its feng shui power is not available.
♦ To avoid buying fake, poor quality, very toxic, non-Natural Stone products. Nha San Tay Nguyen recommends that you choose to buy stones at reputable stores, do not want to buy cheap, beautiful items that are so beautiful compared to natural stones, but you have to buy stones without energy, losing money without a job.
Five Colors Feng Shui Stone
Five Colors Feng Shui Stone
Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
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