5 types of feng shui stones suitable for people of the Earth destiny

Choosing the right feng shui stone for your destiny not only brings health - fortune - luck but also helps balance the Yang energy to create ideal harmony. Owning a lucky stone will bring many positive things and peace to the owner. The following article will help you learn about 5 types of feng shui stones for people of the Earth destiny.
Find out the personality of people destined for Earth
Menh Tho is a zodiac sign located in the five elements Kim - Wood - Water - Fire - Earth. In it, the Earth sign will represent the land with a meaning that all trees, everything is born from the earth and when burned, it will also become dust and return to the earth. Therefore, the earth is the source of life.
People of the Earth par are people with the zodiac signs of the year of the Tiger, the New Ox, the Horse, the Horse, the year of the Monkey, the New Year, the Dog, the Dog, the Rooster, the Dinh Hoi,... People belonging to this par are often smart and sharp. along with the fluency of speech should always have many relationships and great customers in business. Moreover, the Tho people are always people with a high sense of responsibility at work and in life and are respected by many people.
What color is Earth destiny?
According to the law of the theory of the five elements, each zodiac sign will have a mutual and contrasting color. Therefore, the Earth element represents the following colors:
The colors are compatible with the Earth par: Red, pink, purple, orange, brown, yellow are supportive colors, helping people with Tho destiny always have good luck for health, fame and career.
Colors that are opposite to the Earth par: White, green, and green are all colors that people with the Earth par should avoid. Because these are all bad colors for destiny and easy to bring unlucky things.
5 types of feng shui stones suitable for people destined for Earth
Over millions of years of formation, feng shui stones contain extremely strong yang energy. When the Tho people put quartz stone in the house or bring it with them, it will help them make wise decisions in their career and have a peaceful and happy life. Here are 5 types of feng shui stones that the Tho people should choose:
Feng shui rose quartz stone ring for people destined for Tho
Pink is the color that symbolizes eternal love and a married life that is always connected and harmonious. Helping family life is always warm, happy and achieve much success in life.
People with Earth par are extremely suitable for pink, because when wearing a rose quartz stone bracelet, they will always have good luck, limit diseases and do business more and more smoothly.
Feng shui amethyst stone for people destined for Earth
Amethyst is of great value. In it, purple is a symbol of purity and has the ability to protect the client from harmful influences. Owning an amethyst stone will help the mind to be clear and think well.
Amethyst often emits strong yang energy. They have a positive effect on the nervous system and mind of the client, helping to solve insomnia, trouble sleeping, or having nightmares, supporting you to have a full and sound sleep.
Feng shui red brown tiger eye stone for people destined for Tho
With harmonious and mysterious colors, red-brown tiger eye stone is always a sought-after jewelry by many men. This stone not only brings psychological stability and stability to the owner, but also creates attraction and strength for men. Using red-brown tiger”s eye stone will help you become active and lucid.
Red-brown tiger”s eye stone symbolizes prosperity and luck. People who use this stone will bring money, status and help ward off evil spirits.
Feng shui golden tiger eye stone for people destined for Tho
Yellow tiger eye stone is also known as Tiger Eye with the identifying feature of having a cat”s eye effect with an eye-catching silk luster. This stone is a symbol of courage and bravery. Feng shui experts believe that the golden tiger eye stone contains a special ability. Therefore, people destined for Earth when wearing a tiger eye stone bracelet will help them achieve much success in their career.
Feng shui blond amethyst stone for people destined for Earth
This is a variant of quartz stone, scientifically known as Rutilated Quartz. The reason they are called golden rutilated quartz is because they contain yellow rutile fibers inside the stone. From the outside, it will be quite similar to the yellow hair inside. This stone ring has outstanding optical effects, when exposed to light, it creates an eye-catching sparkle.
People destined for Earth, when wearing a yellow-haired quartzite bracelet, will always make wise decisions and bring a lot of luck and fortune to the owner. In addition, they also have the effect of enlightening the mind and helping the owner to avoid bad luck.
Above, House on stilts has shared with you about 5 types of feng shui stones suitable for the Tho people that you can refer to. Hopefully the article will help you better understand the Earth destiny as well as the colors that bring it to the destiny so you can easily make the right and right choice.
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