Feng shui meaning of fossil wood (petrified wood)

Fossil wood is also known as petrified wood, stone wood and is classified as semi-precious stone. The type of wood buried in lava or underground for millions of years. Undergoing geological transformation, the plants are buried underground and petrified, sometimes turning into coal. Under favorable conditions, especially areas containing silicon SiO2 and infiltrate into the grain and make the wood hard as stone. This stone has the same hardness as onyx or chalcedony.

Fossil wood looks like a tree, but it will feel cool to the touch. Through the microscope you will see that in this type of wood there are growth rings of the woody body and those cell structures are extremely sophisticated and there are secondary patterns that look like dividing lines on agate or Jade stone.

►Some uses of fossil wood stone:
Some useful uses of fossil wood affect human health:
♦ This type of wood stone has good effects on health thanks to positive energy source over millions of years so it attracts the essence of earth and sky
♦ This type of wood stone also has good energies so it helps the owner release stress, stress in life and at work. Thanks to that, the owner will always be more optimistic, happier and more confident in life.
Rough Fossil Wood Stone
Rough Fossil Wood Stone

♦ Đá gỗ cũng có khả năng giúp cho người sử dụng cải thiện chức năng tuần hoàn máu, nuổi dưỡng trái tim khỏe mạnh cũng như giúp hệ tim mạch khỏe hơn, phòng chống được các bệnh về tim, đau tim cũng như phòng được tai biến, đột quỵ…

♦ Loại đá này cũng giúp cho người bị mất ngủ lâu năm, khó ngủ, ngủ chập chờn, ngủ không sâu giấc cải thiện giấc ngủ và giúp cho giấc ngủ của mình ngon hơn.

Natural Fossil Wood

Natural Fossil Wood

Effects of petrified wood in feng shui:
♦ Fossil wood stones have the ability to help stabilize psychology, so when we interact with people using fossil wood stone you will find in them a confidence, calm, ...
♦ Because these stones have a positive source of positive energy, they bring peace and luck to the owner, help the owner to avoid bad influences affecting them, ...
Buy Fossil Wood Stone

Buy Fossil Wood Stone

♦ Fossil wood also attracts fortune so it is very suitable for business people, stimulating creativity, developing thinking so it is also suitable for art people.
♦ Use fossil wood bracelets to help you feel more confident, make the right decisions, and steadfast will will solve the problem more easily.
Fossil Wood Pillars At House On The Western Highlands
Fossil Wood Pillars At House On The Western Highlands
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