What is Black Quartz? How much?

Black quartz is considered one of the feng shui stones containing mysterious energy and is favored by many people in the feng shui world. To learn more about black quartz stone, let”s learn about this stone with Nha Stilt in the article below!
What is Black Quartz?
Black quartz has the scientific name Morion, which is a variation of smoky quartz. The difference of black quartz stone is that it is jet-black, cannot see through or shine through. This is one of the rare and hard to find quartz colors.
Black quartz crystals are commonly found in some countries such as Finland, Ukraine, and Brazil. In Vietnam, black quartz is found in places with harsh climates such as Lam Dong, Gia Lai, Khanh Hoa.
Uses and meanings of black quartz stone
As one of the rare and precious stones, black quartz is widely used in making jewelry to express the elegance and power of the wearer. Besides, it also has very good effects in terms of health as well as in feng shui.
For health
Amethyst is likened to a "blood doctor", helping to effectively treat blood diseases such as stroke, infarction, and atherosclerosis.
People who work in sedentary environments, have to sit for a long time, amethyst will be like a supporting apparatus, helping the spine become more supple and strong.
The energy source of black quartz also helps the owner to regulate emotions and stabilize the spirit. Thereby, limiting fatigue and stress in life.
For feng shui
Amethyst helps to banish negative energies, attract positive energies, and help develop dreams and imagination.
This gemstone also has the ability to restrain, banish evil spirits, protect the owner, and bring peace and a sense of security to the owner.
According to feng shui, black quartz stone is compatible with people par Moc and par Thuy. When owning a black quartz stone will help the client have a lot of luck, avoid loss of property.
How much does black quartz stone cost?
Because it is considered a rare and precious stone on the market today, black quartz is quite expensive in quartz stones. Depending on the quality and size, the black quartz stone costs from 500,000 VND to more than 2 million VND. If you are in need of a reputable unit to buy black quartz stone, please contact Tay Nguyen Stilt House - which provides the most natural 100% quartz stone on the market.
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