What color feng shui stone do Menh Thuy wear to attract fortune?

In feng shui, color plays a very important role because it helps balance the yin and yang elements and enhances health and fortune for the owner. Therefore, when buying any feng shui item, it is important to choose the color that matches the destiny. In this article, House on stilts in the Central Highlands will reveal to you the theme of what color feng shui stone should be worn to attract fortune right below.
The personality of the person destined for Thuy
The typical personality of the people of the Water parity is quite humorous and funny. He is quite intelligent, has a good memory and is careful. With a friendly, cheerful and open appearance to everyone around, the way he talks often contains many hidden meanings and depths.
Menh Thuy has 2 forms, flowing water and still water. People with the flowing water personality will have an active, busy personality. As for people with a calm water personality, they are quite calm, prefer a peaceful life and do not like confrontation.
It is because of this character that the people of the Thuy destiny are loved and pursued by many people, but if they do not identify the relationship and do not know the stop, it will be easy for them to fall into the outside relationships. This will make your work, career and honor easily go up in smoke.
Therefore, if you are intending to buy a feng shui stone to bring good luck, then you need to learn more about what color the Water element is so that you can find a compatible color that supports your destiny. From there, choose for yourself the appropriate stone jewelry and feng shui items.
Color suitable for Thuy
According to the theory of the five elements Kim - Wood - Water - Fire - Earth of the Eastern people, they always exist in two parallel directions of mutuality and contrast. In which, Earth gives birth to Kim, Kim gives birth to Thuy, Kim meets Moc, Fire meets Kim. Therefore, par Thuy will be compatible with the color of mutuality and contrast with the following colors:
Co-existence and compatibility: Based on the principle of Kim Sinh Thuy, white, gray, and gray colors will be compatible with people of Thuy destiny. The compatible colors to help you add luck and success will be black, dark gray, navy blue.
Contrasting colors: Fire is engraved with Metal, so you need to avoid colors belonging to the Fire par such as red, purple, and orange. In addition, the Thuy par is also engraved with the Earth element, you also need to avoid yellow, earthy brown and light brown because they will restrain luck and wealth.
What color feng shui stone does Menh Thuy wear to attract fortune?
White quartz stone, green tiger eye stone bracelet, black hair quartz stone, smoky quartz stone are the colors that are especially suitable for people of destiny.
What color feng shui stone does Destiny wear? - White quartz stone
White quartz is celebrated for its brilliant beauty and is known as the stone of wisdom. Owning a feng shui item made of white quartz will help the owner make many wise, rational and wise decisions. This stone also helps to stimulate the concentration of the brain, increase the ability to focus and balance the mind. From there, it helps to remove bad energy, bring good luck and actively support in healing wounds for the body.
In particular, thanks to its strong yang energy, white quartz can eliminate bad energies and bring good luck in work as well as in life. White quartz is often placed by business people on their desks, offices with the meaning of bringing power and increasing the ability to focus, remember and do business smoothly.
Black Hair Quartz
Black rutilated quartz is one of the rare and precious feng shui jewelry that many people choose. This is known as the stone of the universe, symbolizing spirituality, the power to bring health and positive energy to the owner. People belonging to the Thuy par are very suitable for black hair quartz because it will help bring luck, health and fortune to the people of Thuy destiny.
Regularly carrying around a black rutilated quartz stone will bring many benefits to the user”s feng shui and health such as supporting the treatment of myocardial infarction, preventing stroke. In addition, this stone also has a good effect in bonding the couple”s love, healing heart wounds. Help people with Thuy destiny have a lot of luck and success in life.
Smoky quartz stone
Smoky quartz or smoky gray quartz are both the most precious variations of quartz that many people seek and want to own. Because this stone carries good energy stored for many years in the ground, it has the ability to balance mental and physical energy. Using smoky quartz also helps the family feel more and more attached, creates more concentration and helps the work to go smoothly.
Similar to other feng shui jewelry, smoky quartz stone is beautiful but picky to use, only those who are in tune with this stone can promote its feng shui meanings to its owner. . Therefore, people of Thuy destiny are very suitable to use this dark quartz stone.
Above are the revelations on the topic "What color feng shui stone to wear to attract fortune" that you can refer to. If you belong to the Kim par, choose to buy yourself items made from these stones to bring health, luck and success in life.
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