Why can Quartz Stone eliminate evil rays from underground? remove electromagnetic waves due to computer equipment, phone, television?

Today, please represent Nha San Tay Nguyen brothers, please explain why? Why: Quartz stone can eliminate the evil rays on the ground that impact on the house? And why does Quartz Stone eliminate electromagnetic waves of computers, televisions, telephones, and other electronic devices.

Post date: 15-10-2020

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Vietnam Natural Rose Quartz Stone
Vietnam Natural Rose Quartz Stone
Many feng-shui experts, many of you love feng shui, natural quartz know that Quartz Stone can eliminate the radiation rays, and the electromagnetic waves of electronic devices can be eliminated.
• But do not know why Quartz Stone can be made, how structure?. Explanation in the eyes of scientists.
quartz stone with anti-radiation radiation
• In 1880, British scientist Jacques discovered that Quartz Stone is ELECTRO-PROTECTIVE: that is, they convert mechanical knives, waveforms into voltage and vice versa. Converting voltage pulses into mechanical forms.
• For you to understand more deeply underground, there are many types of rays, some types of rays bad, good. Some people call it energy. There is good bad energy.
• Bad waves and rays at the site where you build a house impact on the nervous system of people living there. Made for people living in insecure straight houses.
Using Tran Trach Raw Rose Quartz
• When you spread quartz stone under the floor, this quartz stone will convert wave vibrations, rays into a voltage that does not affect the nervous system or in feng shui says: converting bad energy into energy good quality.
• Other electronic devices such as computers, phones, television ... emit electromagnetic waves or called radiation that damages the nervous system, hormones, even the risk of cancer.
Yellow Cotton Quartz Stone Enhances the Aura of the House while Eliminating the Radiant Rays
Yellow Cotton Quartz Stone Enhances the Aura of the House while Eliminating the Radiant Rays
• When the Quartz Stone is nearby, the quartz stone converts this electromagnetic wave into voltage.
• So you use Quartz Stone sometimes have to discharge voltage exists in quartz stone, the feng shui masters call it stone energy purging. How to wash rock energy please share the following videos.
• If you have the opportunity to visit the Central Highlands stilt house right in the city of Di An 10km away from Saigon to see natural quartz stone in Vietnam.
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